Funny Thing

by Carolla Lovelace

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Recorded in the summer of 2015


released August 22, 2015

Songs written by Adam Jurs.

East Coast:



all rights reserved


Carolla Lovelace New York

to have this many keys
You do not need to be a janitor
I have this many keys!
And now somewhere
to put them all
actually sturdy and looks nice
at the same time

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Track Name: Funny Thing
every time i think about it/ i don't want to talk about it/ knowing i can't live without it/ i'll say something/ i hear mocking birds out here/ it's a funny thing/ you bring what you bring/ do you still stand tall/ when you know your faults/ i used to hear birds out here/ i still see them watching me
Track Name: East Coast
why wait around this old town/ why stay it's weighing us down/ we want more than most/ a life on the east coast
Track Name: Visions Divine
where'd you go/ monday's show/ please don't leave/ i've reached the end of the line/ watch television all the time/ in visions bizarre/ visions divine/ i'll cut the phone line/ oh i'll do anything/ you want me to/ and i'll be anything/ you ask me to
Track Name: End of Days
any time that we go separate ways/ there's a distance i call end of days/ in my eyes i know who to blame/ it's a moth that runs from the flame/ you want to/ in the garden a wandering path/ through the flowers surly you'll pass/ under branches of old many things/ the hole in your soul will grow sickening/ you have to
Track Name: Don't be like that
come tomorrow/ or never at all/ whatever it holds/ don't be like that/ don't be like that/ hope heroes words/ bring back the light/ no nothing in sight/ don't be like that/ don't be like that/ you think you're unknown/ sly and alone/ i'll burn the hammer down/ don't be like that/ don't be like that/ i know you
Track Name: Swear
I look behind me/ even though there's nobody/ i love you and i care/ i love you and i care/ i love you and i care i swear
Track Name: Plaza
i made mistakes in a moment/ when i knew i shouldn't have done it/ i went down to the plaza/ there i saw a rat in mcdonald's
Track Name: Donny
donny i'm calling in a favor/ you know you'll be my savior/ come on would ya help me out/ donny i want us to be even/ i need you to believe in/ karma would ya help me out/ cause their coming back around/ yea they're coming to my side of town/ donny i'm calling in a favor/ i'm on my best behavior/ come on what ya talking about/ i know i never said i'm sorry/ i might consider starting/ can you help me out/ o their coming back around/ yea they're coming to my side of town/ o donny