by Carolla Lovelace

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    It lies dormant

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Recorded in Charleston during the fall of 2013


released November 15, 2013

Songs written and recorded by Adam Jurs



all rights reserved


Carolla Lovelace New York

to have this many keys
You do not need to be a janitor
I have this many keys!
And now somewhere
to put them all
actually sturdy and looks nice
at the same time

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Track Name: The Tea Room
woke up this morning
too much sunlight in my face
how did I miss you
now you're gone without a trace
how I never can believe you
how I always want to believe

arrive at the tea room
in feathers gold and black and grey
adjusting your collar
no one noticed anyway
and I always wanted to be you
and I always wanted to be
Track Name: Passage
resting on my window sill
wonder why I'm here still
tapping on my window pane
realize it's such a drain

shake your head and be dry
Track Name: Never Ending Cycle
someone talked to me
happened so easily
an awful lot these days

the never ending cycle

drop your head and sigh
have a good look inside
take a deep breath
maybe there's something left
Track Name: The World We Talk About
here's apparently the guidelines
see how the top grows sideways
if I could leave with you tomorrow
that'd be great

that'd be great

no end in sight
(to leave the world we talk about)
Track Name: Ceremony Knocking
actually light heaven holds it's might
and showers hours for flowers on the ground
umbrella stands up straight like a rocket into space
hairpins handbags and pleasant appliques

garlands of lace really brighten up the place
the storm will come back soon
those were the days
Track Name: Mandragora
night falls
weightless i wait
screaming calls
i never knew ya
get me out
take me away
a true account

found a hollow
a panicked escape
dreary meadow
the head or the heart
fearful dryness
wind in my eyes
here before the

you know me so well
you know me too well

tell me not
brother i found
tell me not
never knew ya
all about
sight and sound
hollowed out