Playing With Separation

by Carolla Lovelace

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Recorded in Brooklyn during the Winter and Summer 2014. My first release since relocating to nyc.


released August 11, 2014

Songs written by Adam Jurs



all rights reserved


Carolla Lovelace New York

to have this many keys
You do not need to be a janitor
I have this many keys!
And now somewhere
to put them all
actually sturdy and looks nice
at the same time

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Track Name: Weak Sacrifice
left me shackled in
the room you broke and bent
i went to a place nobody's ever been
there is no such place
you said i know better
you just wait and see
who knows better

why'd you let things go just to see them again
Track Name: Noose
Everything I ever had to say is a tower far away
Everything I forgot to do is the sky it reaches to

I never thought that I'd find you
Never thought I'd ever find the truth
If it is so easy what's the use
Every knot I ever tied is a noose

Sun covers its eyes from the moon at a table set for two
I'm sorry all those years I ran away seems just yesterday

I never thought that I'd find you
Never thought I'd ever know the truth
If it is so easy what's the use
Every knot I ever tied is a noose
Track Name: Good Get Gone
Beauty died gone from dreaming eyes
And left nothing in his place he left us all to waste

Troubled times last longer than a life
Can you hear what's out of sight every long and sleepless night

I don't want to tell you goodbye

Good get gone

If it starts it'll end
Every day comes again
Track Name: Dirty Words
an eventful night
but I turned out fine
I only thought about the autumn leaves
and I turned out fine

i never thought i wanted to be washing all your dirty wares
be washing all your dirty wares

head don't mind

I never thought I wanted to see me hanging on your dirty words
me hanging on your dirty words
Track Name: Grocery Deli
little skinny
copper penny
roll a cross my table
and settle in the middle
just within my length of reach
i got another one
its getting hard to care
eating on
gummy bears

grocery deli
think i'll drop in soon
grocery deli
there is none but you

there is none but you
Track Name: Coming in June
i heard its coming in june
the answers written in runes
in feeling about the floor
in searching forever more
two birds high in the sky
in circles they fly and fly
dripping dribbles and stains
around the tortured remains

perfectly parted at sea
it wasn't meant to be
i heard way back home
there is a winding road
where you go to the end
don't come this way again
learned in feeling and dreams
hold on by any means

for later you'll know right
of the things hidden out of sight
through the window into your thoughts
there is a field of forget-me-nots
start a fire and burn them away
be good watch what you say
Track Name: Never Saw it happening
fine then
tell us no
the lady of barren buckled bone
smiling sucking spit
she never saw it happening

endless sky
are fading
still they wait to die
can you cover up
if you never saw it happening

how long for
to find out
this means waging war
will we work it out
if we never saw it happening

impressions of
times that cannot come
tried to bring me in
i never saw it happening
Track Name: The Horror
Track Name: Wave a Candle Over My Head
it had to go
i watched it slow
i spent my hard earned money

yeah you looked twice
it sure feels nice
that's why i'm always funny

I have yet to see the the years when i have learned the most
it seems so far to say too far

Wave a candle over my head